The Meaning of It All

The core of what we provide is Faith Based Coaching and Training for everyday life. We believe that once you know better you can do better. You can achieve clarity of purpose and vision through the process of discovering what The Creator truly wants for your life. By understanding where you are and where you desire to be, goal achievement and success is right around the corner. 

Greetings52 PNG!! I’m Coach Billie Crutcher your Personal Growth Strategist.

I enjoy providing women, professionals and entrepreneurs with dynamic personal growth training to enhance their personal lives, attitudes, confidence and personal growth potential.

As a Professional Life Coach I specialize in Personal Growth Training and Life Coaching. For those who are navigating personal and professional change special emphasis is placed on personal growth and life balance to help reduce stress and produce more successful outcomes.

 As a Coach I look forward to supporting you in discovering your life’s purpose and creating skills for success. I simply love helping my clients move closer to discovering and living their bigger dreams.Read More…


  Life by Design

 Workshops, training and personal coaching are provided in the key areas of personal development, leadership, inner peace, happiness, personal strength and wellness. This provides you with the needed skills to face life head on with confidence and a new perspective for dealing with everyday challenges. 

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