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Read what others are saying about Inspirational Strength Personal Growth Strategies. Sure I could tell you but I think it’s better if you hear it from real clients. 

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Mary Blythers Farmer   

Inspirational Strength has allowed me to gain a new perspective on how to handle things in my life. With Billie’s guidance, she has shown me new ways to look at myself to reach to the core of a problem. Sometimes the answers are not easy to accept but by being true to yourself you will always come out on top.

Inspirational Strength has given me the tools to accept that truth and move forward. My life has truly been uplifted by this entire experience. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Billie Crooks!!!!!!
Respectfully Submitted

D.A. Smith   

Trusting women was my main struggle, what brought me there was the fact I was ready to change how I was living, so close minded. The coaching changed my life, because I’m not that shy person anymore, I’m not afraid to get up and speak I can believe in myself and feel comfortable about what I do and say. I gained confidence, courage, and strength to be able to be me, and be happy without checking with someone else first. It’s okay to just be me.

Laura Pillete Shepard, MSW, LCSWA   

"Coach Billie is non-judgmental, patient, and resourceful in her coaching. Prior to coming to Inspirational Strength Success Coaching, I struggled with boundaries and created my own stress as a result of lack of them. Coach Billie helped me to understand the significance in valuing myself so that others will learn to value me. It was difficult at times to address the obstacles in developing boundaries, but Coach Billie was encouraging, patient, inspiring, and motivational in getting me take the next stop. Coach Billie's approach is relational and direct, which is what I needed to get me moving in the right direction to address my issues with boundaries. I've learned that people will not value you, unless to teach them how to value you. I also learned that setting clear, defined boundaries protects me from disappointments and expectations of others. This has been a life changing experience that we all need should experience. If you're unsure about your next step in life, unclear about where you are in life, and/or where you want to go in life, I highly recommended Inspirational Strength Success Coaching to guide you to where it is that you want to be."

LaTricia Smith    Fayetteville, NC   

"I had the pleasure of coaching with Billie her warm, nonjudgmental style made me comfortable sharing. Billie was able to help me accomplish my goal of clearing some clutter and getting organized in a way that worked for me. She truly understood how to work with me according to my style and temperament. She listened and asked thought provoking questions that challenged me into movement. If you REALLY want to make changes and accomplish goals, Billie can help you. Based on my experiences with her, I can tell that she really cares about the growth and well being of her clients."

Vivian W.    Charlotte, NC   

"Sometimes in life, a person’s background and experiences can lock him/her in a perspective that can stifle growth and resist change. As a coach Billie offers another perspective on life that opens up new options and opportunities to inspire change and growth, setting one on a path to reach new goals. Billie cared enough to pushed me beyond my limits."

Marsha Hutchinson    Fayetteville, NC   

"I have experienced the pleasure of attending Billie Crooks Coaching Sessions. To my surprise I have learned many things about ME. One of my FAVORITE sessions was the importance and the value of “ME TIME”. I realize that no matter what is going on with my business, my job and my personal time; I must have “ME TIME”. It was several weeks before I would accept the challenge of cutting off my phone so that I could rest. After the first few hours of cutting off the world, I can say that it has been a very long time since I felt the way that I was feeling. Billie Crooks has taken the time to work with me patiently while I go through this transition. Billie Crooks is definitely my Life and Success Coach. I look forward to our future life coaching sessions next year."

Michelle Hill   

I came to Billie as part of a coaching assignment. She had graduated from the same school that I had graduated from and I was lucky to be assigned to her as a coaching client. I was struggling with competing interests at the time: finishing my class and working in a very stressful environment. I worked in a high-stress environment with and for two very demanding, difficult women who were insecure and therefore controlling. I was at my wit's end and could not figure out how to balance my work life and still have energy when I got home to do my class assignments and have a life. After three years, I was completely spent emotionally and physically.

During my time with Billie, she was instrumental in helping me reach the goals of taking time for myself, refocusing on the positives at work, and eventually moving on to a better job and position that is far less stressful but also has enabled me to start my own business. I'm happy to say that with Billie's encouragement and coaching, I completed all of those goals and now am living a more intentional, balanced life! Many thanks, Billie!

Ashley Thompson   

"I received coaching from Billie for my business. I came to her while I was working on handling the growth of my business and learning what I needed to do to stay organized in the chaos of running a growing business. Billie listened to what my problems where and helped me see that the answers to my most important questions were inside of me the whole time. I learned that I need to stop and get back to the basics. I know what I need to be doing, but sometimes I get so caught up in the everyday activities that I loose that focus. I left our meeting with a plan, and I knew exactly what I had to do to start aligning myself with my goals."

Kaye Makarski    Virginia   

"When I came to Billie for coaching I was really struggling with a high level of anxiety about my future and filled with doubt about my ability to handle even the smallest life situations effectively. It left me feeling very overwhelmed and inadequate. I had absolutely no clarity about what I really wanted to accomplish and how to move into the future. When we first talked, the moment that made me decide to move forward was when I saw some simple, easy steps to take. I immediately began to see these three results: my self-esteem improved, my anxiety level lessened and I felt focused. Billie gave me the tools to quiet the self-doubt, stay focused and the courage to stretch myself. After only a few sessions I began to experience a renewed outlook and inner strength. I highly recommend Billie: her coaching is Christian based and makes good sense. I have referred friends and family to her."