Life Balance is an Act


Life Balance is an Act

Life really is like a balancing act and sometimes you just need to drop it all on the floor.  Yep, that’s it just drop it all on the floor in one big pile of a mess, it’s already a mess, you’re a mess and everything and everyone around you seems to be a mess too.  So HEY! Why not just drop it all?

You can relieve yourself of a lot of unnecessary stress and strife.  Just the simple act of dropping it all and then stepping right over it will help you to at least breathe for just a little while.  I’m not saying leave it there indefinitely but you are allowed to make a mess, this is how you got into this current mess  in the first place.

You were trying to do it all being SUPER human, SUPER serious, SUPER professional, SUPER dependable, SUPER DUPA FLY…oh just had to add that in.  But you all get it right???  

We try to do too many things and do them perfectly.  No one in their right mind can be all things to everyone at all times and even a juggler drops his balls sometimes. He simply drops them, then he picks them up, puts them in the proper order and begins his act all over again.

This is my CHALLENGE to you.  I want you to go back and look at that mess, yes it should still be on the floor.

Now sort through it.

Throw everything away that is not yours, it’s not your responsibility, you didn’t create it and it won’t bring your life any PEACE.  THROW IT AWAY!

Give everything a number on a scale of 1 to whatever, heck, I don’t know how many numbers you need just do it.

Once you do this you will have a new improved Life Act to Balance. It should be one that is more pleasing to you, because it is about you.  We work so hard trying to balance our stuff and other people’s stuff too and this just causes a big mess.

Learn how to stop, drop and roll before you catch on fire.  It will help you to maintain your sanity.  Next time the scale gets to heavy or your load becomes a burden just DROP THAT MESS ON THE FLOOR

I hope to hear from you leave your comments and I will get back at ya soon.

Peace & Blessings Coach Billie