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Coaching is not counseling or consulting.

Life Coaching provides foundational tools to assist you in clarifying your vision and life while moving your forward towards your goals.  Clear vision  allows you to achieve successes in life and professional endeavors.  Counseling or therapy looks to the past to discover, heal, and understand.  Consultants solve specific problems as they are considered experts in their field of choice.  In coaching, you are the knowledge bearer and expert on you life.  Life Coaches work with you to create solutions for your life based on your distinctive needs and desires.

Effective coaching requires  effort and commitment.

Life Coaching is most effective over a period of several weeks to 6 months or more.  This period allows you to work through life goals and career plans successfully.  Ultimately overcoming  current challenges, increasing confidence, and equipping you with lifelong application skills that work.

What happens during coaching?

First, contact me to set up complimentary session to see if there is a good fit between coach and client.  Upon session completion, you determine your start date, commitment level and program.  If you take the leap towards coaching, you will sign a coaching agreement and take a short assessment.  The assessment allows you to discover your openness towards coaching and potential for growth.  Finally, we schedule your first “real” coaching session.  It is a simple start process resulting in my commitment to  walk with you to goal achievement.  Coaching session venue is optional (in person, by phone, Video Chat or Skype).

Is coaching confidential?

YES as a Professional  Christian Life Coach and former member of both the International Association of Coaching and The International Coach Federation,   I have pledged and honor clients’ relationship with the utmost confidentiality.  As a Coach, Advocate and Educator I preserve confidence and confidentiality of my clients.

What is spoken in coaching stays in coaching.  There are only two exceptions to this requirement.  I am bound by law to break confidentiality  in instances of Abuse or Threats by a client.

Many people seek coaching for various reasons.

I want a new career, better relationships, or more confidence.  I need to move forward from my divorce, build a stronger business, or become a better leader.  Do You get it?  The list is long, the main point is that you come to the coaching relationship ready to be transparent, open, and willing to make the necessary changes required to reach  goal achievement.

You shouldn’t be in a Crisis before out seek out a coach.

It is best to seek Professional Coaching before things get out of control.  You will learn effective life skills that  equip  you  to make the right choices for your life and actively take part  in the coaching process.  You can  make informed decisions, set sensible goals, and reach goal achievement while maximizing  your potential with  less stress.

Can I receive coaching and counseling from different agents at the same time?

YES many professional life coaches work in conjunction with counselors and therapist to help clients achieve their greatest potentials for success. When we collaborate, the client  may simultaneously  heal from past hurts, change behaviors, and aim for new endeavors with confidence.