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Personal Growth Strategist and creator of The Happy Mind Matrix Coach Billie Crutcher is an empowerment speaker, faith and personal growth strategist who equips audiences while inspiring them to live their very best lives.

After more than 20 years working in education and public service, she realized that many adults were suffering from stress, distraction, lack of passion and feelings of being stuck.

Having been a young single parent, soldier and military spouse she fully understood the struggles of those she served. These experiences caused a shift in Coach Billie C. leading her to create Inspirational Strength a personal growth and professional strengths company.

Inspirational Strength offers audiences workshops and presentations that equip, empower and inspire them to live life courageously while seeking inner peace, balance, and happiness.

She is also the Founder of Inspirational Women of Purpose (IWOP) a positive community for women to grow and build while sharing their many talents. This group has been actively growing among women for over two years, offering workshops and meetups in the key areas of personal growth, self-awareness, and positive relationship building skills.

There is no limit to the number of successful projects and speaking engagements Coach Billie C. attends and organizes. Her passion is to use all of her gifts to increase the personal power of others. She believes that we are all interconnected in this world and continuously strives to share her love of life and joy of inner peace with others. Her newest project The Happy Mind Matrix™ A Community of Happiness is now actively touring various cities in the U.S. Through this community experience her goal is to spread the growth mindset among audiences and equip them with skills to actively engage happiness practices into their daily lives.

Her new online personal growth training program will be opened in August 2017 The Happy Mind School of Success. Coach Billie’s philosophy is “Once you know better, you can do better and live a happier life.”

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Our Happy Clients

When I came to Coach Billie for coaching, I was really struggling with self-confidence. It left me feeling awkward and alone. I’ve always been eclectic and with my upbringing of being scorned if I dialogued my opinions I shunned my voice. I had little clarity about self-care and self acceptance. I began to see these three results: boldness, a change in self-dialogue and better interpersonal skills. Billie has really helped me come to embrace myself as a unique being with the power to make change and obtain my dreams. She highlighted character traits in me that I was unaware of and now proudly embrace wholeheartedly.

Her implementation of a self-help book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, shifted my life. I did things that I wouldn’t have imagined doing. I organized my family’s first family reunion. I did poetry in front of an audience. Unknowingly, she encouraged me to write a book and has influenced my ability to adequately voice my concerns in friendships, relationships, and work relations. I highly recommend Billie’s coaching and have referred friends and family to Inspirational Strength Personal Growth Strategies. I love Billie’s wisdom, vulnerability, authenticity, and structure.

In summary, Bob Proctor says it best. “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself and help bring it out of you.”

Phyllis G. Williams

I must say I was completely satisfied and encouraged by the workshops presented by Inspirational Strength.  The most meaningful activity was creating the vision book.  This activity helped me to take the time to look at the many characteristics about myself that I almost never notice.  I was shocked to see some of the words and thought about how empowering and liberating taking the time to identify characteristics about myself was for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and activities and will continue to support Inspirational Strength and develop more empowering skills to better my life and the lives of others.


Laura Pillette Shepard, MSW, LCSWA