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Courageously Calm: Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

Improve your quality of life while taking control of stress and anxiety. Learn proven techniques that help you to understand why you are stressed out and finally develop skills to put it to rest. Join the self study course and live courageously calm beginning today… LEARN MORE

Get Calm Now

30 Days to Success

Are you struggling through the trenches of your coaching and entrepreneurial journey feeling distracted, unfocused and discouraged? Now is the time to leave all of these feelings behind and learn the stuff that no one told you when you started this journey.  Regain your confidence and jump back into success…  READ MORE

Yes, I’m Ready for Success

The Happy Mind Matrix™

Do you desire to have more peace and balance in your life? Everyday many seek happiness yet they are missing the key ingredients… READ MORE

Yes I’m Ready

Coach Billie C. is a skilled Personal Success Coach. She is keen on self-awareness and possesses a high level of emotional intelligence. She is perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring which gives her the ability to ask clients essential questions needed for their breakthrough. In addition, her straightforward coaching style helps clients focus on important details. Coach Crutcher views coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline and has a sincerein terest in every client.

Coach C. has helped me on several projects. Her business coaching has helped me think more strategically and move closer to my goals. As we would talk, she would occasionally say, write that down. This would remind me to stay focused on the desired outcome and make plans to achieve that end. You will be amazed with the answers you will be able to discover and the accomplishments you can make with Coach C.

Dr. Jacqueline Howard, CCLC, ACS

When I came to Billie for coaching I was really struggling with a high level of anxiety about my future and filled with doubt about my ability to handle even the smallest life situations effectively. It left me feeling very overwhelmed and inadequate. I had absolutely no clarity about what I really wanted to accomplish and how to move into the future. When we first talked, the moment that made me decide to move forward was when I saw some simple, easy steps to take. I immediately began to see these three results: my self-esteem improved, my anxiety level lessened and I felt focused. Billie gave me the tools to quiet the self-doubt, stay focused and the courage to stretch myself. After only a few sessions I began to experience a renewed outlook and inner strength. I highly recommend Billie: her coaching is Christian based and makes good sense. I have referred friends and family to her.

Kaye Makarski