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Coach Billie C. is a skilled Personal Success Coach. She is keen on self-awareness and possesses a high level of emotional intelligence. She is perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring which gives her the ability to ask clients essential questions needed for their breakthrough. In addition, her straightforward coaching style helps clients focus on important details. Coach Crutcher views coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline and has a sincerein terest in every client.

Coach C. has helped me on several projects. Her business coaching has helped me think more strategically and move closer to my goals. As we would talk, she would occasionally say, write that down. This would remind me to stay focused on the desired outcome and make plans to achieve that end. You will be amazed with the answers you will be able to discover and the accomplishments you can make with Coach C.

Dr. Jacqueline Howard, Certified Christian Life Coach

When I came to Billie for coaching I was really struggling with a high level of anxiety about my future and filled with doubt about my ability to handle even the smallest life situations effectively. It left me feeling very overwhelmed and inadequate. I had absolutely no clarity about what I really wanted to accomplish and how to move into the future. When we first talked, the moment that made me decide to move forward was when I saw some simple, easy steps to take. I immediately began to see these three results: my self-esteem improved, my anxiety level lessened and I felt focused. Billie gave me the tools to quiet the self-doubt, stay focused and the courage to stretch myself. After only a few sessions I began to experience a renewed outlook and inner strength. I highly recommend Billie: her coaching is Christian based and makes good sense. I have referred friends and family to her.

Kaye Makarski

I came to Billie as part of a coaching assignment. She had graduated from the same school that I had graduated from and I was lucky to be assigned to her as a coaching client. I was struggling with competing interests at the time: finishing my class and working in a very stressful environment. I worked in a high-stress environment with and for two very demanding, difficult women who were insecure and therefore controlling. I was at my wit’s end and could not figure out how to balance my work life and still have energy when I got home to do my class assignments and have a life. After three years, I was completely spent emotionally and physically.

During my time with Billie, she was instrumental in helping me reach the goals of taking time for myself, refocusing on the positives at work, and eventually moving on to a better job and position that is far less stressful but also has enabled me to start my own business. I’m happy to say that with Billie’s encouragement and coaching, I completed all of those goals and now am living a more intentional, balanced life! Many thanks, Billie!

I must say I was completely satisfied and encouraged by the workshops presented by Inspirational Strength.  The most meaningful activity was creating the vision book.  This activity helped me to take the time to look at the many characteristics about myself that I almost never notice.  I was shocked to see some of the words and thought about how empowering and liberating taking the time to identify characteristics about myself was for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and activities and will continue to support Inspirational Strength and develop more empowering skills to better my life and the lives of others.


Laura Pillette Shepard, MSW, LCSWA

When I came to Coach Billie for coaching, I was really struggling with self-confidence. It left me feeling awkward and alone. I’ve always been eclectic and with my upbringing of being scorned if I dialogued my opinions I shunned my voice. I had little clarity about self-care and self acceptance. I began to see these three results: boldness, a change in self-dialogue and better interpersonal skills. Billie has really helped me come to embrace myself as a unique being with the power to make change and obtain my dreams. She highlighted character traits in me that I was unaware of and now proudly embrace wholeheartedly.

Her implementation of a self-help book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, shifted my life. I did things that I wouldn’t have imagined doing. I organized my family’s first family reunion. I did poetry in front of an audience. Unknowingly, she encouraged me to write a book and has influenced my ability to adequately voice my concerns in friendships, relationships, and work relations. I highly recommend Billie’s coaching and have referred friends and family to Inspirational Strength Personal Growth Strategies. I love Billie’s wisdom, vulnerability, authenticity, and structure.

In summary, Bob Proctor says it best. “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself and help bring it out of you.”

Phyllis G. Williams, Progress Promoter

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